DateArticle Subject
2015-04-30Lithium Ion/Polymer Battery Assembly Design and Trends
2013-06-26Presentation Lion Polymer
2011-06-13Limitless Wireless: Hybrid Lithium Batteries Can Power Remote Wireless Sensors for over 25 Years
2011-05-23Protecting high-rate-discharge Li-ion battery packs
2010-04-01New Developments in Battery Design and Trends
2010-04-01Lithium Ion/Polymer Battery Assembly Design and Trends - Newer Presentation
2009-07-22Avnet Marketing and House of Batteries sign Americas Distribution Agreement
2009-06-01House of Batteries has signed an agreement with Avnet Electronics

House of Batteries has signed an agreement with Avnet Electronics to be their only supplier of batteries and custom battery packs for world wide sales.

2009-04-30House of Batteries has obtained ITAR
2009-04-29GSA Schedule Award

House of Batteries has successfully negotiated with the Government Service Administration to obtain a GSA Schedule and has a presence on the GSA Advantage website.

2009-03-31IATA Packing Instructions 965-970 (Lithium Batteries)
2007-04-05Woman Owned House of Batteries Earns Lockheed Martin Award

ORLANDO, FL – House of Batteries (HOB) of Fountain Valley, CA, the largest certified woman-owned battery company in the U.S., was the only custom battery assembler to be recognized by Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) as an Outstanding Small Business Provider (OSBP) for 2006 during Lockheed’s OSBP awards ceremony March 26, 2007, in Orlando, FL.

2004-12-16A Fuel cell to power your phone
2004-12-15Choosing between Lithium ION and Lithium Polymer Batteries

A brief article on how to choose between Lithium ION and Lithium Polymer Batteries.

2004-12-15Building safer Li-lon batteries

What do TV remote controls, cordless tools and flashlights have in common?
They are all battery-powered devices. Believe it or not, there is a lot to learn about batteries, such as proper use, storage, disposal and the differences between battery types – Alkaline, Lithium and Nickel Metal Hydride or NiMH.

2004-12-14Pitfalls when recharging batteries

Secondary batteries can be simple devices, but improper charging can be devastating to the user experience.

2004-08-19How to select a battery

There are more batteries to choose from now than ever, and each type of battery chemistry offers distinct advantages and disadvantages. A number of critical questions need to be addressed when selecting a battery for a new application.

2004-08-19Learn About Batteries
0000-00-00Revised IATA 2011 Regulations for the transport of Lithium Batteries by Air