Custom Battery Pack Design & Engineering

  • Custom Battery Pack Design & Engineering
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As one of the industry’s premier manufacturers of custom battery packs, Custom Power specializes in battery pack design and engineering. We provide our customers with complete energy solutions for their unique applications, from medical to military to industrial and beyond. By working with leading battery manufacturers, we are able to deliver the most dependable and most economical custom battery pack solutions for our clients.

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Custom Battery Packs Tailored to Your Needs

With our custom battery pack design and engineering capabilities, Custom Power can design and produce custom portable power systems using a variety of battery cell chemistries, including:
Custom Battery Engineering

The cell chemistry of all custom battery packs we develop is carefully selected to match the specific requirements of each customer application. We will work with you to create a complete, custom power solution that delivers the performance and reliability you need and fits your size and configuration requirements.

Because we utilize both primary and secondary chemistries, we give our clients access to a wide range of custom battery packs and battery solutions.

Utilizing advanced mechanical and electronic battery design tools and test equipment, as well as extensive custom battery pack design and engineering experience, Custom Power is able to optimize the safety, reliability, and manufacturability of our customers’ batteries.

Custom Battery Design Team

Custom Battery Pack DesignBetween our skilled engineers and technicians and our highly knowledgeable sales staff, Custom Power has over 200 years of combined battery design experience. Ongoing training and certification ensures that our assembly technicians are able to consistently produce superior quality custom battery packs, based on the most advanced designs in the industry.

Custom Power's engineering team puts this extensive experience to work designing and manufacturing custom battery packs, battery assemblies, and chargers. From the design and prototyping stages through full production, you can count on Custom Power to deliver the perfect custom energy solution for your application.

Battery Pack Assembly Facility & Equipment

Through our commitment to the continual improvement of our battery manufacturing facility, Custom Power can consistently provide the highest quality products. Through upgrades and augmentation of our manufacturing and test equipment, and ongoing training and certification of our staff, we can meet the demands of our clients and stay ahead of the ever-changing market conditions of our industry.

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Custom Power's history of excellence dates back to 1965. We have the experience and the expertise to deliver the perfect custom battery packs for your unique application. Request a quote on the custom battery packs you need, or contact us to learn more.