Ultra-Dependable Batteries

Energizer® MAX® batteries provide dependable performance that keeps going as long as you do. From toys to flashlights to CD players, Energizer MAX batteries deliver long life performance for the devices you use most. Energizer's new generation MAX alkaline batteries are perfect for any everyday application.

High Performance Energizer Battery Pack Specs

For today's high-tech, power hungry devices like digital cameras, cell phones and handheld GPS devices, Energizer® Ultimate Lithium batteries deliver reliable, long-lasting power. They last up to eight times longer in digital cameras (versus Energizer® MAX® — results may vary by camera), and weigh 1/3 less than standard alkaline batteries. Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries deliver outstanding performance, even in extreme temperatures (from -40°F up to 140°F), as well as fifteen year storage life and leak resistant construction.

Energizer Battery Applications

Energizer also offers a full line of specialty batteries. Energizer electronic batteries are ideal for watches, glucose monitors, or any other small devices you use every day. Their Specialty Lithium® photo batteries are ideal for both film and digital cameras, delivering dependable, lightweight power and superb performance in extreme temperatures. Energizer hearing aid batteries are available in every size, for every type of hearing aid. Their unique dispensers and packaging are designed to make the battery changing process as easy as possible.

Custom Power is a supplier of Energizer Batteries located in the United States. They supply standard battery cells, as well as manufacturing custom battery packs for a variety of industries. Custom Power has more than 200 years of battery design experience and maintains ISO certification, RoHS compliance, and ITAR registration.

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