Lithium Polymer & Lithium Ion Battery Assemblies

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Lithium ion (Li-ion) battery technologies offer increased performance over nickel and lead-based battery packs and battery assemblies. A li-ion battery pack can provide up to twice as much energy density as NiCD (nickel cadmium) batteries, and some are capable of high discharge currents. Li-ion and lithium polymer batteries have relatively low self-discharge rates and generally have long shelf lives and life cycles.
Custom Power is your premium lithium ion battery assembler. We offer a wide range of lithium ion and lithium polymer batteries, from high power IP67-rated li-ion batteries for drones to high energy lithium-ion cells for portable electronics.

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Li-Ion vs Li-Po Battery Packs

As a leading lithium ion and LiPo battery assembler, Custom Power produces batteries and battery packs that simplify projects. The main difference between li-ion and LiPo cells is packaging.  Li-Ion cells are generally round cells (sometimes prismatic) with components (cathode, anode etc.) packaged in a metal can, Li-Po cell components are packaged in a foil pouch.

Li-Ion Battery Pack Features

Li-ion cells provide a higher energy density per unit volume and unit weight than Ni- based batteries. In addition, the higher voltage and lighter weight of li-ion battery packs contribute significantly to the downsizing, weight reduction, and simplified operation of electronic devices. Some of the features relating to li-ion batteries, include:
  • High energy density, lightweight, high capacity
  • Capable of hundreds of cycles
  • No ‘memory effect’, providing a complete charge with each cycle
  • Flat discharge voltage, a stable power during discharge
  • Cylindrical & prismatic forms
Additionally, li-ion batteries require minimal maintenance as opposed to other cell chemistries. Self-discharge is less than half that of a Ni-based battery, with no concerns of ‘memory effect’.

Li-Po Battery Pack Features

Custom Power is the nation’s leading lipo battery assemblers. Lithium polymer cells can be manufactured into a wide range of shapes and sizes. Some of the additional features of lithium polymer batteries, includes:
  • Numerous size options
  • Low profile
  • Higher discharge rates available
Li-ion and lithium polymer cells are only sold as parts of battery pack assemblies, and are not available individually from Custom Power. Single cells are only available with protection circuitry installed.

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Custom Power is the nation’s leading lithium polymer and lithium ion battery assembler. Request a quote for lithium ion or lithium polymer batteries for your application, or contact Custom Power for more information.