Military batteries and battery packs are used for a variety of critical military applications ranging from communication equipment and night vision goggles to unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) drones. Reliability, durability, capacity, and storage and service life are key factors in choosing the right military battery for your application. Safety, operating temperature range, size, and weight are also considerations due to the rugged environments in which military battery packs are typically used.

Custom Power is an industry leader in the manufacture of custom military battery packs. Because military equipment must be able to perform in even the harshest environments, our energy solutions for military applications are specially engineered with quality and reliability in mind. We guarantee your product will perform as required, and provide thorough electrical and mechanical testing, as well as complete traceability, for all our military battery pack assemblies.

We design, develop, and manufacture battery pack assemblies for numerous military applications, including:

  • Unmanned Aerial vehicle 
  • Enhanced communication devices
  • Military UPS systems
  • Ruggedized computers
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Night vision equipment
  • Head mounted displays
  • Combat Training Systems

Advancing Technology for Military Batteries

Continuing advancements in technology mean that more and more of the equipment soldiers use requires battery packs as primary energy sources or as backup power supplies. Nearly everything a modern soldier carries, from daylight video scopes and GPS units to wireless transceivers and thermal weapon scopes, incorporates battery power.

The requirement of additional battery power significantly adds to the amount of weight a solider must carry and has led to a demand for smaller or more lightweight military batteries that still provide high performance and efficiency. To keep up with the demands for advanced military battery technology, Custom Power researches, designs, and develops smaller, more powerful, and more reliable custom battery assemblies that make it easier for soldiers to carry their equipment into training and combat.

Military Battery Management Systems (BMS) 

With recent advances in armament technology, defense and aerospace OEMs rely on highly complex energy solutions more than ever. Battery management systems (BMS) in modern battery packs monitor and manage the condition of the batteries throughout their working lives, providing information on the batteries’ temperature and state of charge. The BMS communicates this information to a host device. We design and develop custom software and testing procedures for BMS in demanding military applications.

Testing & Certification of Military Batteries

Because they must be able to withstand some of Earth’s harshest environments, our custom military battery packs are designed to hold up against severe heat and cold, high humidity, extreme shock and vibration, and even total submersion. From combat training systems to front line equipment, Custom Power’s energy solutions deliver optimal, dependable performance. Thanks to our extensive engineering expertise, we are able to manufacture both primary and secondary military battery packs to meet or exceed military standards and perform reliably in all conditions.

Custom Power performs several routine tests and quality checks on all our military battery packs and components to ensure full functionality, including incoming component inspection, in-process inspection during manufacture, and final inspection. New designs also receive additional mechanical testing to guarantee optimum performance, ruggedness, and strength.

Complete records of our testing procedures for military battery packs are available upon customer request.

Custom Power’s and our battery assembly manufacturing processes are ISO certified, ITAR registered, and space-flight approved.

Learn More About Our Military Battery Solutions

Custom Power manufactures high quality, custom energy solutions designed to meet the requirements of military equipment. For more information on our military battery pack assembly, contact us today!