Custom Power manufactures custom battery packs for the ever-evolving field of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and Unmanned Military Vehicle (UMV) development. Our in-house battery design capabilities and thorough testing processes ensure that the UAV and UMV battery packs we create for you will match your specifications and deliver superior performance. The number of UAVs and UMVs used by the US military and in other applications has grown exponentially over the past two decades, and these high tech devices are becoming more and more essential to operations around the globe. Custom Power can provide custom battery packs to power these unique vehicles in all applications.

To learn more about Custom Power’s custom UAV and UMV battery packs, contact us today. We have the knowledge and experience needed to develop top quality battery solutions for even the most technologically complex unmanned vehicles.

UAV & UMC Battery Pack Applications

Our UAV and UMV battery packs can be:

  • Fully customized to meet the needs your application
  • Used as primary power sources
  • Used as backup power to safeguard against combustion engine failure
  • Used in hybrid fuel/battery systems.

Custom UAV and UMV Battery Pack Testing

UAVs and UMVs are designed to perform in conditions that are too dangerous or too “dirty” for human operators. UAV battery packs and UMV battery packs need to be able to stand up to the harsh, potentially hazardous conditions that the vehicles they power travel through. These conditions may include high altitudes and strong winds, extreme hot and cold temperatures, a wide range of humidity levels, shock, vibration, and other environmental conditions. To ensure that our custom UAV and UMV battery packs can withstand these conditions, Custom Power thoroughly tests all of our battery packs.

We perform routine testing on our UAV and UMV battery packs to guarantee proper functionality—these tests include incoming inspection of components, in-process inspection and final testing of the completed products. We implement additional mechanical testing on new designs to ensure peak performance, durability, and strength. Additional testing can be performed, per the requirements of your application.

Custom Power maintains complete records of our test data, which can be supplied to our customers upon request. We are an ISO certified and ITAR registered battery assembler.