Portable electronic applications are increasing in popularity as the size of electronic components are continually reduced and processing power is increased.  These new devices require sophisticated and lightweight battery packs.  The availability of ever smaller and lighter lithium cells has helped to turn great ideas for portable and handheld electronic devices into reality. 

Portable electronic devices are used from everything from personal devices to high tech devices used by military and aerospace and must deliver high performance while maintaining their ability to withstand extreme elements, shock or vibration, and harsh environments.

Since electronic devices are often subjected to abuse while being transported and when in use, the battery packs used in these devices need to be ruggedized. Custom Power has years of experience designing and producing rugged battery packs for manufacturers of handheld electronic devices for military, medical, industrial, and commercial applications. Ruggedized battery packs are manufactured to handle exposure to water, dust and other contaminants, as well as being shockproof and drop-proof.

Reliability is a must for these applications and Custom Power has a proven record of success in designing and producing small, lightweight, and sophisticated custom battery systems for portable and handheld applications and devices. Our portable electronic batteries are guaranteed for proper functionality and peak performance. We inspect all incoming components and perform further quality check throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Portable Electronic Battery Considerations

There are a number of considerations when choosing a portable electronic battery including but not limited to.

  • Operating temperature range
  • Required service life
  • Storage duration and condition
  • Need for continuous or intermittent operation
  • Voltage requirements
  • Durability

Battery chemistry is also a consideration and each type has its pros and cons. View our battery types & considerations to learn more about battery chemistry options and choosing the right portable electronic battery for your application.

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