On the surface, Memory Protection Devices, Inc. (MPD) is a global manufacturer and supplier of electronic components for a broad range of industries. Deeper down, however, MPD is much more. Founded in 1980 by three industry executives, the company is now heading into an era of new growth under the leadership of a new president with over 30 years' experience in electronics.

MPD's Commitment to Community

Memory Protection Devices' components are manufactured to rigorous standards in factories around the world; factories which meet not only the company's quality standards, but social ones as well. MPD firmly believes that fair trade includes having a positive, meaningful impact on the working and living conditions of the many employees involved in manufacturing their products. Furthermore, MPD works on product design with their clients, helping to turn clients' needs into real, working solutions.

MPD is more than just a manufacturer. They are a part of the communities they serve.

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Custom Power is a supplier of MPD Batteries located in the United States. They supply standard battery cells, as well as manufacturing custom battery packs for a variety of industries. Custom Power has more than 200 years of battery design experience and we maintain ISO certificationRoHS compliance, and ITAR registration.

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