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Murata's lithium batteries are used in a broad range of applications — in quartz watches and clocks, as backup power sources for memory systems requiring long-term reliability, in PC motherboards, PDAs, automotive keyless entry systems, and more. As the market for lithium batteries is rapidly expanding, Murata is developing and producing lithium batteries from a new perspective, fulfilling market needs while accumulating data on discharge characteristics, long-term reliability, and battery safety characteristics.

Murata High Performance Lithium Batteries

Lithium, when used as the anode in batteries, has the largest electric capacity per unit weight of any useable material. By adding different active materials for the batteries' cathodes, Murata is creating batteries with high energy density and diverse characteristics. Murata's latest development is the commercialization of lithium manganese dioxide batteries, which provide superior energy density and superior stability.

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Custom Power is a supplier of Murata Batteries and is located in the United States. They supply standard battery cells, as well as manufacturing custom battery packs for a variety of industries. Custom Power has more than 200 years of battery design experience and we maintain ISO certificationRoHS compliance, and ITAR registration.

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