21 February 2011, Fountain Valley, CA—Custom Power has announced the addition of several major investments to their Design & Engineering Department, boosting their capabilities for the development of custom Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer battery packs.

Custom Power has added two more engineers to their team, raising the department’s total to nine talented and experienced engineers. The company has also acquired significant new high end testing equipment to assist in the advanced design processes required for medical and military applications. With two Arbin test units, a Maccor test unit, a Thermo Chamber, an Agilent bed of nails PCB tester, and a pick-and-place machine for complete PCB assemblies, Custom Power now delivers quick turn around for prototyping custom rechargeable Lithium battery packs. The addition of this new technology has also helped the company cut their overall production time in half.

Two new sales people have been hired—one in OEM sales and the other in customer service—to support House of Batteries’ customer base. The company has also expanded sales to Fry’s Electronics for their Contour batteries, which support the technology in 3-D TV glasses, and their K2 Energy Lithium Ion batteries for high-discharge applications. Custom Power is looking to provide the latest available technology for design engineers who have made Fry’s Electronics a popular destination for new design prototyping.

For more information on Custom Power and their newly-upgraded, world-class Design & Engineering Department and Sales Team, please contact:

Don West
President, House of Batteries
800.432.3385 ext. 116