With increased testing capabilities, Custom Power can more quickly and reliably test their custom battery pack technology to better serve their customers.

March 12, 2012, Fountain Valley, CA. Custom Power has announced the expansion of their in-house battery testing capabilities following the procurement of additional Maccor equipment. The company is adding twenty more channels to its testing line.

Custom Power is a leading designer and manufacturer of custom battery solutions for all electronic applications. They provide portable energy solutions in every chemistry, with a focus on lithium battery technology. The company offers design, engineering, and assembly services to deliver customized battery packs, as well as off-the-shelf battery solutions, for customers in all industries. Custom Power also serves as a master distributor for all major battery manufacturers.

The newly added Maccor equipment gives the company over 100 battery testing channels. This enables Custom Power to better develop and test their latest custom rechargeable lithium battery packs, and to assist their customers with the newest battery technology on the market.

For more information on House of Batteries, visit them online at https://www.custompower.com.