Custom Power manufactures top quality custom battery packs for a broad range of equipment used by modern police departments. Battery packs for police equipment need to provide reliable performance at all times, and must be engineered to withstand sometimes harsh environments. Quality and dependability are hallmarks of our custom battery pack design, engineering, and manufacturing, and extensive testing ensures optimum performance.

Custom Power’s custom battery packs can be found in a variety of police equipment, including:

• Radar guns
• Night vision goggles, scopes, and gunsights
• High-end flashlights
• Fingerprint ID systems
• Bomb squad robots
• Breathalyzers
• and more

Battery Pack Testing

Battery packs for police equipment must be able to deliver peak performance at a moment’s notice, and often must operate in harsh environments. Snow, sleet, rain, hot and cold temperatures, and other environmental conditions can be encountered by law enforcement officers on any given day. From issuing simple traffic tickets to considerably more dangerous and intense situations, police need their equipment to perform reliable whenever it is needed. Custom Power's primary and secondary police equipment battery packs are thoroughly tested to guarantee ideal performance.

We perform three levels of testing on all our custom battery packs: inspection of all incoming components, in-process inspection during assembly, and final inspection after manufacturing is complete. Additional testing is available, if needed, to meet customers’ performance requirements. Custom Power maintains complete records of all our testing procedures, which can be provided to our customers upon request.

Custom Power is an ISO certified battery pack manufacturer.

For more information on Custom Power’s police equipment battery packs, contact us today. We have the experience and the know-how to develop high quality, high performance custom battery solutions for any law enforcement application.