Custom Power is a leading manufacturer of custom battery packs for medical carts and moveable work stations. From emergency/crash carts to rolling laptop stations to supply trolleys and more, this life-saving portable equipment requires a reliable power source. Our battery packs can provide primary or backup power for any hospital cart that utilizes electronic devices to provide medical care or important patient information for doctors and nurses.

Our in-house design and engineering team works with customers to develop custom battery pack solutions that match the specific requirements of their medical carts, work stations, and portable equipment. We provide full testing, traceability, and certification to ensure that our battery packs deliver the dependable power and performance these devices need.

Custom Battery Pack Testing & Traceability

Because hospital carts and work stations must be ready for any medical situation, from emergencies to hours-long surgical procedures, they require power sources that deliver optimum performance every time. Custom Power’s custom primary and secondary battery packs are engineered and tested for reliable, high-power performance.

To guarantee superior performance, we perform a three-step testing process on all our custom battery packs: incoming inspection of all components, in-process inspection, and final testing of the complete product. Additional testing procedures based on application-specific performance requirements are available upon customer request.

We utilize highly sensitive, advanced testing equipment for all mechanical tests, and offer complete warranties on all parts included in our medical battery assemblies. Lot traceability is guaranteed; a dossier detailing traceability of each part and component of the completed assembly, including testing information, is provided to customers upon request. Custom Power can also apply serialization to every battery pack we manufacture.

Request a quote on custom battery packs for your medical carts and mobile work stations, or contact Custom Power for more information.