Advanced robotics and unmanned vehicles are being used more than ever, and as technology continues to evolve, so do the applications for this state-of-the-art equipment. Custom Power is a leading manufacturer of custom battery packs for robotic devices and unmanned vehicles. Our battery solutions are designed and built to meet the demanding requirements of these automated machines and to deliver superior performance in all applications.

From unmanned search-and-rescue watercraft to bomb squad robots for police and military use, these high-tech devices need to operate in harsh and often dangerous conditions, places where human operators can’t or shouldn’t go. Robots and unmanned vehicles can encounter water and moisture, extreme temperatures, wind, dirt, dust, debris, shock, vibration, and other potentially hazardous conditions. The battery packs powering this equipment need to be able to withstand these perils, as well—Custom Power’s custom battery packs are specially designed to stand up to even the harshest environmental conditions.

Our custom battery solutions are:

• Fully customizable to meet your specific needs
• Viable as primary or secondary power sources
• Compatible with hybrid fuel/battery systems
• Available ruggedized for added protection

Complete Battery Pack Testing

To ensure that our custom battery packs deliver dependable performance and proper functionality in any conditions, we perform a series of advance tests on all of our battery packs. Our thorough, three-step testing process includes incoming inspection of components, in-process inspection, and final testing of completed products.

Custom Power performs additional mechanical tests on new battery pack designs to guarantee optimum performance, durability, and strength. International Protection Rating (IP Code) testing is performed to confirm the battery packs’ resistance to a variety of potential contaminants, including dirt, dust, water, and others. Additional testing can be performed upon customer request. We also maintain complete records of all our testing procedures which are available to customers upon request.

Custom Power is an ISO certified and ITAR registered battery pack manufacturer

To learn about our custom battery packs for robotics and unmanned vehicles, contact us today. With our experience and manufacturing expertise, we can create an ideal battery solution for any high-tech application.