About Moli Energy

Operating out of Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada, E-One Moli Energy (Canada) Limited is a division of the E-One Moli Energy Corporation of Taiwan. Established in 1987, E-One Moli-Canada is the only manufacturing plant producing rechargeable lithium-ion batteries in North America. Over the years, E-One Moli has built a reputation for providing superior products based on innovative designs and technologies. They consider it their responsibility to continually improve their products and services, a philosophy which allows them to meet or exceed their customers' expectations, prosper as a business, provide a solid return for their shareholders, and provide meaningful employment for their staff.

Cylindrical and Prismatic Battery Cells

E-One Moli Energy’s product line includes cylindrical and prismatic battery cells. Their extensive experience with both styles enables them to continuously develop cutting- edge battery solutions for all applications. E-One Moli batteries can be found in everything from cordless power tools and portable electronic devices to electric vehicles, military and medical equipment, and more.

Custom Power: The #1 Source for E-One Moli Energy Batteries

Custom Power is one of the United States’ leading suppliers of E- One Moli Energy (Canada) products. We provide standard E-One Moli battery cells, and can manufacture custom battery packs using E-One Moli technology to provide the perfect power solution for your application.

Our engineering team has more than 200 years of combined battery design experience. We maintain ISO certification, RoHS compliance, and ITAR registration.

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