Since 1906, Rayovac has been one of the world’s leading battery manufacturers. They offer a full line of superior batteries and related products, including alkaline batteries, ideal for everything from toys to flashlights to smoke alarms; rechargeable batteries, offering the best value in rechargeable power for high-drain devices; flashlights that deliver brilliant innovations and extreme value; heavy duty batteries for long life in devices like radios, clocks and remote controles; high-performance, eco-friendly hearing aid batteries; lithium batteries offering an average of twice the life of ordinary alkaline batteries; photo & specialty batteries for electronic gadgets of all kinds; and industrial batteries for all applications.

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Custom Power is a supplier of Rayovac Batteries located in the United States. They supply standard battery cells, as well as manufacturing custom battery packs for a variety of industries. Custom Power has more than 200 years of battery design experience and we maintain ISO certificationRoHS compliance, and ITAR registration.

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