Premium Quality Lithium Batteries

Xeno Energy has more than 10 years of experience in the production, engineering, and R&D of high-quality lithium batteries. They are an ISO-9001 certified independent battery manufacturer. Xeno Energy’s key objective is to supply high quality batteries at competitive prices. Additionally, they support their customers in the selection of the correct battery for their specific application, with a high level of factory technical assistance. Based on long-term partnerships, Xeno Energy knows that their success is based on their customers’ success.

Xeno Energy Performance Advantages

Xeno Energy’s batteries deliver many performance advantages, including high cell voltage, high energy density, a wide operational temperature range, low self-discharge, high reliability and safety, and superior pulse-behavior.

Custom Power is a supplier of Xeno Energy Batteries and is located in the United States. They supply standard battery cells, as well as manufacturing custom battery packs for a variety of industries. Custom Power has more than 200 years of battery design experience and we maintain ISO certificationRoHS compliance, and ITAR registration.

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